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What a beach!!!!

There is something very unique about doing yoga on the beach. For years, I have fielded phone calls and requests about beach yoga. No, we don't offer it. No, I am not interested. I imagined it to be a romantic fantasy, until Covid hit. Treehouse Yoga Studio closed in March of 2020. Some of the regulars persisted. Have yoga on the beach. We can social distance. It will be great for our immunity. We won't hug. Let's try it! and we did! Sometime in April 2020, beach yoga was launched at Washington Pier. The breeze was blowing briskly, the mats were flying! Forget maintaining any notion of hair in place or mat staying on the ground. Sun was bright! The sounds of the waves were indeed a presence for us all.

Once we all found our way to the perfect section of the beach...I realized that my voice projection would have to be raised quite a few notches. Over 15 people showed up that very first day. Everyone quieted down very quickly. Something took hold of us. ..the sights, the sounds, the realization that nature gives us, encouraging us to pay attention. Be here...look...listen....smell...taste...soak up. We were on the beach. Starting our day on the beach. Happy to see others. Grateful for nature's gift. It was a spectacular experience. How can you not relax on the beach? It is nature's way of pressing the pause button, the take a look at what's here button, the Oh My God, this is beautiful button. A natural setting...a natural settling in the nervous system...a soothing designed by something greater than our busy little minds, monkeying around, being proud of multi-tasking and having a productive day.

No...not now...this was beach yoga....held by the negative ions provided by the sea and sky, warmed deep inside our solar plexus by Father Sun. I had everyone stand up and face the sun. We were all adapting...hats, no hats, squinting eyes, some folks with sunglasses...the interjection of yoga cues with seagull calls. Inhaling our arms overhead, I invited everyone to focus on their solar plexus, the power center above the naval and feel the warm rays from the sun recharging your energy battery. Come to center. We all witnessed and experienced the magic that happens when in the embrace of nature...a slowing down very quickly of our minds and our bodies. Many pauses, many deep breaths, an ocean of gratitude.

Self care at it's finest. Yes, we adapted quite well. We even discovered a new asana..."sandwipe asana", for those who may have a little aversion to sand being on their bodies. It was magical, it is magical. My opinion of beach yoga has changed...because of my experience of beach yoga....I moved to the Bay because of its location on beach. Now, I note every time that we met for beach yoga...this is why I moved here...the beach is healing.

When is the last time you spent time on the beach? It is is one of nature's greatest remedy for stress and resetting your body and mind. Beach yoga will continue throughout the seasons as part of our schedule. For the summer months, please join us on Thursdays at sunset...7pm..Henderson Point. Please check our Treehouse Facebook Page for updates and weather aware notes.


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