Classes & Fees

We have implemented necessary changes as we open to create a healthy and safe environment for our teachers and practitioners. All are welcome at the Treehouse Yoga studio. 


Our new schedule will include one class on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  These classes will include Gentle, Dynamic Gentle and Moderate.  Chair yoga is only offered on Zoom as of now.  One Love Beach Yoga will be offered on Thursdays at 9am at Henderson Point. 


We will adhere to the practice of social distancing coming into the studio, inside of the studio and leaving the studio.  All classes will be limited to 10 people per class.  except for Beach Yoga.

Registration is required for each class except Beach Yoga that you wish to attend.  Reservations may be made 2 weeks prior to the class.  You must register with each individual teacher.  You may pay with venmo or cash.  24 hour cancellation notice is required.  No shows will not be issued credit or refund.

Each practitioner is required to bring their own mat and blanket.  Blocks and yoga ties will be available.  All mats, blocks and blankets must be cleaned before and after class.

Our per class fee is a sliding scale of $12 to $15.

Monthly packages will not be available upon reopening.

It is our intention to keep our classes affordable and not turn anyone away.  We implement the Buddhist practice of "dana" (generosity)  by using a sliding scale.  You give freely from your heart what is comfortable.

While we believe yoga is for everyone, please have your doctor's approval prior to beginning.  If you're just starting a yoga practice, please see our "what to expect" page.

Classes for Everyone


Take time to slow down,  soothe your body and nervous system with relaxing stretches and gentle postures.  This practice teaches body awareness while building strength, flexibility, balance and confidence.  This class is appropriate for beginners as well as those who enjoy being gentle to their bodies and minds.

YIN YOGA  - not available now

Yin targets the body's connective tissue.  It is a slower pace class with long, held passive poses which are excellent for joint health, flexibility, circulation and mental focus.  A fantastic practice for any body including beginners and those in some form of recovery.

WOMEN'S PRACTICE  - not available now

Come release, rejuvenate and relax in the company of other women.  We sit, we breathe, we stretch, we practice loving our bodies!!!  All levels of practitioners are welcome to this mix of self-care, personal discovery, and self nourishment.

Following Women's Yoga is Community Coffee.

A gathering time after Women’s Yoga to connect, share coffee, breakfast, good company and conversation at Mockingbird Café downstairs.  Please join us even if you did not attend the class.

RESTORATIVE YOGA - not available now

Restorative Yoga-(One hour and a half)-- Also known as "advanced laying around," this class begins with 20 minutes of gentle poses to warm and stretch the muscles. Then, with the use of props we deepen our postures by arranging the body in a sequence of comfortable positions with attention to the breath allowing a deeper, gentle opening.  A treat for body and soul! 


Chair yoga is for EVERY body.  It offers all of the wonderful benefits of a regular yoga class, from the support of a chair.  It is a natural choice for seniors, desk workers and those recovering from injury.


A slow moving and flowing class that emphasizes strengthening core muscles including abdomen, lower back, buttocks and thighs.  Various standing and balancing postures are held to strengthen and stabilize the core and spine. An energizing class enhancing vitality and mindfulness with breath awareness.


The focus of this class is breath-synchronized movement.  Coordinating breath and movement/asana and pranayama, allows for a seamless flow of one posture to the next.  Each class is different based on the experience level of the participants.  All classes will have a variety of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation. (Not for beginners; minimum of 6 months of yoga suggested to attend.)


Breath-synchronized movement makes this class an energetic and grounding experience.  This flow class is an eclectic mix of postures and pranayama. Each class is different but every class offers challenging asanas! 


The intention of this type of yoga practice is to relax and rejuvenate your body, increase your range of motion, integrate emotions, and bring a calm stillness to the mind.” Rudy Peirce.  The emphasis of this practice is attuning to your inner experience with body and breath awareness allowing exploration of moving in and out of postures to discover pain-free range of motion.  The practice ends with a relaxing, guided yoga nidra experience.


Yoga on the beach needs no words. Nature nurtures and so does yoga.  Check out our EVENT PAGE and upcoming classes on our Facebook Page.


Stay tuned and check our Facebook Page. for classes on Zoom.