Classes & Fees

We have implemented necessary changes as we open to create a healthy and safe environment for our teachers and practitioners. All are welcome at the Treehouse Yoga studio. 


Our new schedule includes drop in classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays at 10:15am and Sunday at 11:15am.  We have added two new classes, Tuesday at 5pm Slow Vinyasa and Friday 9:15am Slow Vinyasa with our new teacher, Laurel Hall.   Sunset Beach Yoga is offered at Henderson Point Beach in Pass Christian at 7pm.  

All studio classes are $12 to $15 sliding scale. You may pay with venmo, cash or check.

Each practitioner is required to bring their own mat and blanket.  Blocks and yoga ties will be available.  All mats, blocks and blankets must be cleaned before after class.

It is our intention to keep our classes affordable and not turn anyone away.  We implement the Buddhist practice of "dana" (generosity)  by using a sliding scale.  You give freely from your heart what is comfortable.

While we believe yoga is for everyone, please have your doctor's approval prior to beginning.  If you're just starting a yoga practice, please see our "what to expect" page.

Classes for Everyone


This is a basic Kripalu yoga class with an emphasis on optimal alignment fore each student, safe range of motion, and the coordination of breath and movement.  Each class will include a variety of yoga stretches, core strengthening exercises, postures, and breathing techniques.  The class will end with a deep relaxation and short meditation.  The class is appropriate for all levels of participants. 


The focus of this class is breath-synchronized movement.  Coordinating breath and movement/asana and pranayama, allows for a seamless flow of one posture to the next.  Each class is different based on the experience level of the participants.  All classes will have a variety of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

This is not a beginner's class.


Classes with Rebecca are considered “yoga practices’.  The intention of the practice is to reset the mind and body into a place of peace, harmony, tranquility, balance and strength.  No two practices are alike. These practices are a blending of Kripalu Yoga, mindfulness, loving kindness, breathing and Zen.  In any given posture or warm-up, the practitioner is invited to “listen to his/her body”, cultivating body awareness and friendliness to the body as a way to heal.  Modifications are offered and each individual is encouraged to do what feels comfortable. 


Often called “the feel good yoga”, these practices can include warm ups, movements and stretches and to move energy and release tension.  Core work can be practiced along with other poses to strengthen, stabilize and enhance your vitality and energy.  Emphasis is placed on breath awareness (pranayama), inner awareness (pratyhara) and cultivation of mindful awareness. Rebecca also brings to these practices an intuitive sense of working with the group sometimes using mantras and affirmations.  Our practices for some are considered very spiritual and uplifting.  For others, it may simply be a way to reduce stress and relax.  Our practice ends with integrative relaxation and meditation. It’s the ultimate self care for everybody.

BALLET with Michelle

Beginner's Ballet with Michelle Ball.  A great compliment to yoga and for stretching. 


Yoga on the beach needs no words. Nature nurtures and so does yoga. 


Popup and full moon classes will be listed on our Facebook Page.


Stay tuned and check our Facebook Page. for classes on Zoom. 


Other options for yoga include private classes in your home or in the studio for individuals, businesses or groups. 

Contact Rebecca or Diana directly to schedule:

Rebecca Kronlage:   413/281-3597

Diana Damelio: 413/281-3595