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Classes & Fees

We have implemented necessary changes as we open to create a healthy and safe environment for our teachers and practitioners. All are welcome at the Treehouse Yoga studio. 

Our schedule includes a variety of classes and there are two ways you can come and do Yoga with us:


(1) We offer drop-in classes for cash, check or venmo at the door (no reservation needed). These classes are $12 to $15 sliding scale. You drop-in and pay when you arrive.

(2) In addition, we have a system that includes reservations for a number of classes based on a "class pass" in our online reservation system. You can purchase an on-line "drop-in" pass for $15 or a series of 5, 10, or 20 class pass.

Our live schedule indicates which classes a drop-in cash/venmo at the door and which classes are reserved in advance with an on-line pass.

It is our intention to keep our classes affordable and not turn anyone away.  We implement the Buddhist practice of "dana" (generosity). Therefore, we also offer community classes that are donations-based. 

While we believe yoga is for everyone, please have your doctor's approval prior to beginning.  If you're just starting a yoga practice, please see our "what to expect" page.

Please click see our live class schedule here

Class Schedule & Booking

Classes for Everyone


This is a basic Kripalu yoga class with an emphasis on optimal alignment fore each student, safe range of motion, and the coordination of breath and movement.  Each class will include a variety of yoga stretches, core strengthening exercises, postures, and breathing techniques.  The class will end with a deep relaxation and short meditation.  The class is appropriate for all levels of participants. 


The focus of this class is breath-synchronized movement.  Coordinating breath and movement/asana and pranayama, allows for a seamless flow of one posture to the next.  Each class is different based on the experience level of the participants.  All classes will have a variety of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

This is not a beginner's class.


Classes with Rebecca are considered “yoga practices’.  The intention of the practice is to reset the mind and body into a place of peace, harmony, tranquility, balance and strength.  No two practices are alike. These practices are a blending of Kripalu Yoga, mindfulness, loving kindness, breathing and Zen.  In any given posture or warm-up, the practitioner is invited to “listen to his/her body”, cultivating body awareness and friendliness to the body as a way to heal.  Modifications are offered and each individual is encouraged to do what feels comfortable. 


Often called “the feel good yoga”, these practices can include warm ups, movements and stretches and to move energy and release tension.  Core work can be practiced along with other poses to strengthen, stabilize and enhance your vitality and energy.  Emphasis is placed on breath awareness (pranayama), inner awareness (pratyhara) and cultivation of mindful awareness. Rebecca also brings to these practices an intuitive sense of working with the group sometimes using mantras and affirmations.  Our practices for some are considered very spiritual and uplifting.  For others, it may simply be a way to reduce stress and relax.  Our practice ends with integrative relaxation and meditation. It’s the ultimate self care for everybody.

BALLET with Michelle

Beginner's Ballet with Michelle Ball.  A great compliment to yoga and for stretching. 


A fitness-based approach to vinyasa yoga, this class takes an all levels flow to the next level. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow in order to build strength, flexibility and concentration. Expect several sun salutations, and some arm balances and inversions may be included in the flow. We recommend that students seeking to take these classes feel confident and safe throughout classic sun salutations and comfortable moving actively in a warm room.


This 90-minute class takes the Intermediate Vinyasa Flow class to the next level, while also being a traditional vinyasa class with sun salutations. Optional advanced postures (such as arm balances and inversions) are added to the vinyasa flow of breath and movement. The instructor will break down the flow and provide guidance to integrating the more challenging postures. You do not need to be advanced to try this class, but you should have a regular practice (recommended practice twice/week for at least two months). Don’t be afraid, this class is very friendly for the moderate practitioner that's interested in taking their practice to the next level. Students should feel comfortable moving in a warm room. 


This beginner-friendly class focuses on alignment with some flow. Students move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel; observe and adjust. Mindful movement is coupled with breath, and longer holds in poses are complemented with active alignment cues. This class is suitable for students new to yoga, as well as experienced students interested in a lower intensity class. 


This is a free community class. You're welcome to donate to the teacher when you attend. Please register in advance because space is limited.


This takes our beginner-friendly Align and Flow class, a focus on alignment with some flow, to the next level. This is a 75-minute intermediate to advanced option in which postures are broken down and then built back up to peak pose. Students move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel; observe and adjust. Mindful movement is coupled with breath, and longer holds in poses are complemented with active alignment cues.


A foundational beginner class that focuses on increasing flexibility and learning foundational yoga poses. This class is for the beginner who may have little to no knowledge of yoga, or for the seasoned practitioner that wants to relax and focus on increasing flexibility. This class is friendly and accessible to multiple ages (from 10 years old to 80 years old). We call it "Yoga for people that don't do yoga"!


This intermediate level class is designed for yogi’s who want a challenging flow without bearing weight in their hands or wrists. Classes will begin with breath-work, include seated and standing postures, core work, hip stretches, and may include forearm poses such as Dolphin or Forearm Plank. This class will skip traditional Sun Salutations, Chaturangas, and other hand and wrist intensive poses, making it a great option for anyone with hand or wrist pain. This class has similar benefits to our vinyasa style classes including building strength, flexibility, stability, and calming the mind all while keeping your hands and wrists happy.


60 minutes Power Yoga: Journey into Power (JIP). JIP is an all levels heated power yoga

class designed to strengthen your body and mind while improving strength, balance and

flexibility. Regardless of your level of fitness, the teacher will lead you through a practice that is powerful, intense, playful and full of inspiration! Show up exactly as you are. You will be guided through form, alignment, and modifications that support YOUR body! Classes will be ~85 degrees.


Restorative yoga is designed for physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Props are used to comfortably support the body, while long, relaxing holds in each position allow the nervous system to reset and restore balance.


A flow practice invigorates the body and lubricates the joints. In this all levels class, we will utilize those movements at a slower pace to learn optimal form and give time for the breath to move through postures. Beginners are welcome as well as seasoned practitioners looking for a slower, mindful practice.


Class will begin with group chanting of mantras. This ancient practice helps to relieve stress, improves concentration, and clears negativity for peace of mind.   The sound created is beautiful and uplifting.


Join us as we ease into the day, saluting the sun, aligning ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. 

This 60 minute class welcomes all levels, with modification options for beginners.


A beginner friendly class, no dance experience required. We will learn a few moves, drill the movements, and put them together in combinations. This is a fast paced class set to fun world music and Middle-Eastern Pop; this is sure to make you sweat!


This beginner-friendly class title says it all! Slow breathing and slow stretching to finish up your week and get you ready for the weekend.


Yin yoga allows our bodies to create positive tension, which invites us to settle deeper in a pose over several minutes. Yin encourages the student to safely meet their edge (on the mat) in a controlled environment so they can rise above obstacles throughout their day with ease (off the mat).


Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a rigorous physical practice that is 60-90 minutes long depending on if the half primary or full primary series is being practiced. It's a series of challenging asanas (postures) that do not change. It was founded by K. Pattabhi Jois during the twentieth century, often termed as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. The style is energetic, synchronizing breath with movements. The individual poses (asanas) are linked by flowing movements (vinyasas). Ashtanga has a truly meditative aspect to it, focusing on the breath, the drishti (gaze), and the bandhas. While this practice is for the intermediate to advanced practitioners, the Treehouse Yoga Instructors that teach Ashtanga: Alyssa, Tonya, and Nicki all offer instruction that includes modifications and supports safety first. 


Stay tuned and check our Facebook Page for pop-up classes on Zoom. In addition, a select number of our in-person classes are also available on-line through zoom. If you register for an on-line class through punchpass, a link will be sent to your email and the class will be broadcast on-line. 

Other options for yoga include private classes in your home or in the studio for individuals, businesses or groups. 

Contact Rebecca, Diana, or Alyssa directly to schedule:

Rebecca Kronlage:   413/281-3597


Diana Damelio: 413/281-3595

Alyssa Dausman: 954-288-2165

Class Schedule & Booking

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