What to Expect at Treehouse Yoga

At Treehouse, we love introducing people to yoga. We welcome new students and all levels of practitioners.  You'll find our teachers and fellow students to be kind, patient and helpful. Whether it's your first yoga class ever or just the first time to our studio, below are a few guidelines.

New to Yoga

The studio opens 20 minutes prior to each class. If it's your first time to the studio, please come early to sign waiver.

Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Yoga pants, tights, sweatpants, t-shirts and tank-tops are all appropriate.  We practice in our bare feet.

We recommend practicing on an empty stomach and staying hydrated during class.  Feel free to bring a water bottle with you.

All props and mats are available at no charge.  If you prefer to use your own, please bring them with you.

If you are just beginning your practice, please come to one of our beginner, gentle or restorative classes.  They move at a slower pace and are a great place to learn the principles of yoga.

Some classes include meditation, chanting, and/or a dharma talk.  Participate in whatever aspects you're comfortable with but please be respectful of others' practice.


Be compassionate with yourself as you learn about yourself and your body in a new way.  Feel free to look around the room for guidance as you learn new asana (poses) but please don't compare.  

If at any point during class you feel uncomfortable, please sit or rest in child's pose.  Trust your body and understand that yoga is an individual practice.

Studio Etiquette

Please arrive early to sign in and set up your mat.

Turn off your cell phones and leave them by your shoes/belongings during class.

No scents please as some are sensitive/allergic.

Remove shoes upon entering upstairs studio space.

Please note that the studio is on the second floor and there are stairs to climb. Unfortunately, there is no elevator.


We have a basket for cash and checks where you sign in.  If it's your first time to the studio, also sign a waiver.

Plan on staying through the end of class, including relaxation.

Always feel free to ask questions if you need assistance.

Breathe.  Smile.  Have fun!

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Yoga for All!

The studio is only staffed when we have classes and 20 minutes prior.  If you want to drop by, please do so before class begins or shortly after it ends.  

We look forward to meeting you!

110 S Second St

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