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Forgotten Hearts

I watched with fascination, the cooperation of a pair of mockingbirds. They were busy feeding their new born chicks in my chaste berry tree. While one was on a mission to find breakfast, the other guarded the nest with synchronized wing flapping. A fierce presence indeed! As the other landed with a tasty treat held firmly in its beak, the once guard flew away in search of the next morsel. This went on for 20 minutes. Back and forth, a seamless display of unity and equinimity. Nature at its finest! No one resisted. No one judged. A flow of life feeding life.

My heart was moved...and from witnessing these peacemakers working in tandum, a poem emerged.

June 23, 2020

Forgotten hearts

The east and the west

The black and the white

There is no one without the other

This mind makes it this and that

Is and was

Then and now

Coffee or tea

Does it really matter

Oh the spin, the spin orbits around who I am

And sinks it teeth of righteousness into fascination of self

And claims to know, to know

what you should be and do

According history or heritage

And paved narrow roads

These troubled times

necessary and cleansing

Celebrated and cried over

Hurtful and joyous

We see it all

The statutes fall

And history crumbles

To see now

The east and west

The black and white

As one not other

The closed minds

The closed doors

The choking truth

Of difference

Believed in

When all one can say

is I can’t breathe

I shall die in these streets

Calling for my mother

Don’t look away

The dark veils are being lifted

From the clotted wounds of time

When humans knew no better

Stuck in the bandages of indifference

So we pray and hope

As the face of the books limitations continue

The fragmentation of spirit

Forgotten hearts, sleeping angels

The wisdom seeds are here

in a breeze where

The heart sits still

Crying and listening

And breathing for all who have forgotten

And all who cannot. – Rebecca Kronlage

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